We’re thrilled to confirm that local Houston favorite, Paige Lewis will perform at this year’s festival.

Riding high from a sold out CD release, new fans and old are in for a real treat as Paige brings her full band to the festival night stage under the October sky.  Get tickets to see Paige and other great artists; only $15 available here on the site. 

Note from producer:

I first heard Paige Lewis during a solo performance on a side stage at the 2006 Houston Women’s Music Festival.  I was in the midst of a task that I don’t recall but I surely wasn’t listening to the music. But even as I was in deep focus on the task at hand, I managed to hear something that caught my attention. It was a song that had real pop sensibility with great lyrics and a fine voice behind it. I stopped for a moment to watch and listen. I asked someone who the singer was.  The voice and the artist was Paige Lewis. I smiled and thought; she belongs on the big stage. http://www.thepaige.com/

A story from the road by GBmojo’s Ginger Doss and Bekah Kelso.

One year at FriendsFest, a women’s event in Dripping Springs TX, Ginger and Bekah’s 4×6 trailer got completely stuck in the mud.  A roving band of tough chicks came by to offer their help.  After many failed attempts at getting it out, one particularly buff gal picked up the hitch and slowly heaved the trailer to drier land so that the truck could get to it.  It was like watching a strong-man competition.  Only instead of logs and tires and dudes, it was music gear and trailers and chicks.  Pretty epic.

GBmojo will be featured at this year’s festival. They are amazing artists you won’t want to miss.

Bekah Kelso just released her EP “Departures” and calls it a “full bodied roast of indie-pop with lingering notes of gypsy soul and hip hop.”

Ginger Doss is currently out on the road, recording tracks in her mobile Pro-Tools studio for her latest upcoming CD, ‘From Love to Love’ which is set for release soon.

You can save by purchasing advance tickets at “The Shop” hair salon. It’s located at the corner of Westheimer and Commonwealth.  The total ticket price is $16 (service fee is included within the price).

Hair care guru, Vicki Fraychinaud has always been a great supporter of the festival and other community events. Check out her services while you’re there.

Terri Hendrix on food choices:

If I had my pick, I’d eat nothing but fresh baked bread and cheese every meal. My favorite dish is queso: Two cans Rotel, chopped onion, chopped bell pepper, and one block Velveeta. I avoid any fruit that looks like it needs a shave; Peaches and Kiwi.

Terri is set to take the stage at 3:00 p.m.  It’s been a while since she performed at the festival and we’re happy to have her back.   www.terrihendrix.com/

Did you know that performing group GBmojo is a duo of solo artists?  They are Ginger Doss and Bekah Kelso.

Bekah is a happy vegan and has dubbed Ginger an ‘ovo-pescatarian’ since her intake of animal products is limited to fish and hand-gathered eggs.  They are both foodies and wine enthusiasts (or wine-o’s; you can just call them wine-o’s. It’s okay.)   www.gbmojo.com

Come back for more fun facts about GBmojo and other artists that will perform at the festival.

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